Bamboo Thai Bistro – Asian Oasis in Oklahoma

I ate here with some friends tonight and I have to say, I am impressed with the quality of the food. I wasn’t confident that I would find good Thai food in Tulsa, but this place really does a great job. I won’t go so far as to say it is the most authentic Thai food I’ve ever had, but the flavors were really good, portions were of a healthy size and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

We started off our meal with an order of the shrimp and pork spring rolls. The order came with 4 decent . . . → Read More: Bamboo Thai Bistro – Asian Oasis in Oklahoma

Ippudo – Japanese Ramen at its best!

For many, the idea of a hot bowl of Ramen brings up nightmarish times of sleepless nights in college when cash flow was so low, one resorted to packs of 19 cent cardboard microwave ramen. But, this could not be further from the experience you will have dining at Ippudo. The steaming bowls of tonkatsu (pork) broth release a delicious, rich aroma that beckons you to bend in for a more saturated smell.

Each tonkatsu bowl contains, at a minimum, the decadent broth, a healthy portion of noodles, medallions of fat laced chashu pork, sesame kikurage mushrooms, menma (seasoned bamboo . . . → Read More: Ippudo – Japanese Ramen at its best!

Num Pang – Cambodian inspired sandwiches

Num Pang is an itsy-bitsy sandwich shop in Greenwich Village near Union Square that offers a variety of Cambodian inspired sandwiches.

On this particular day, I opted for the Pulled Duroc Pork which was recently featured as one of the best sandwiches in NYC in the Time Out magazine. As is the case with every sandwich here, the pork sandwich was dressed with sliced cucumber, pickled carrots, cilantro and chili-mayo. I thought that the chili-mayo conflicted in flavor with the honey-glaze on the pulled pork, which turned me off a bit. My dining partner heartily disagrees though, so take . . . → Read More: Num Pang – Cambodian inspired sandwiches

Cafeteria – A new twist on old Comfort Food recipes

A 24/7 Chelsea joint that offers the Big City a chance to taste a new twist on old “comfort food” recipes. Having only been to New York City a couple of times on very brief trips, my recent expedition to the Big City was a chance for me to really explore a variety of dining venues. Of the various breakfast places I had the chance to patron; this place was by far my favorite.

I met up with my friend for a late breakfast on Monday and had the luck to be seated immediately. We didn’t have to wait, as . . . → Read More: Cafeteria – A new twist on old Comfort Food recipes

The Rolling Pin

Finding this elusive downtown deli is difficult if you don’t, A) Have it pulled up on Google maps or your navigation system, or B) Are with someone who already knows where it is. I liken the difficult time I had in locating it the first time to that of trying to find your local speakeasy back in the roaring 20’s. The exterior of the building is highly unassuming. A small white building with no noticeable signage to flag you as you pass by. There is a sign of course, but it is small an unlit and on the inside of . . . → Read More: The Rolling Pin

In The Raw

Don’t let the name fool you, this is a Sushi place not a sex shop. Although, I did have to have a chuckle about it when invited to go here for the first time recently. Also don’t be fooled by the idea that sushi and Tulsa don’t mix. Despite the distance from any ocean, this sushi joint offers very fresh and thickly cut fish. Situated atop one of the few hills of mentionable size in Tulsa, In The Raw not only offers sushi and Japanese dishes, but also one of the best views in and of the city. It really . . . → Read More: In The Raw

Oyster Bar

The Palace Station casino should be famous for more than just the OJ Simpson arrest. The always busy Oyster Bar is by far the best feature in this off strip casino. The Pan Roasts and Oysters on the half shell are the stuff found in my gastronomic dreams. Literally, I dream about eating here!  It’s a little sad…Â

The size of this establishment may be a bit of a deterrent for some, as the 20 some odd seats fill up fast and always seem to be full no matter what time of day you want to eat (I . . . → Read More: Oyster Bar

Frank and Lola’s

Frank and Lola’s

Frank and Lola's street facade

***UPDATE: The pork loin is now served with a horseradish cream sauce rather than the mustard cream sauce from this post. Definitely still delicious, but the dish did lose a little of it’s luster with this change. :( Also had a chance to try the Pulled Pork, the meat was very tender and cooked well, but the dish seemed to have a bit of an identity crisis. Is it a taco platter, a burrito bowl or something else. Even the waiter didn’t seem to know for sure!***

With a . . . → Read More: Frank and Lola’s