Wild Eggs

Affection and desire can come in many forms, but the way I feel about the new Wild Eggs restaurant in Wash Park can only be described as obsessive love. I LOVE the variety of dishes they have to offer. I LOVE the inventive take on old, traditional recipes. I LOVE the half priced Bloody Maries and Mimosas served on weekdays. I just downright LOVE this place. So much so, in fact, that I went there for breakfast twice in one weekend.

On Saturday morning my husband and I ventured our way to the intersection of Logan and Alameda in the . . . → Read More: Wild Eggs


This year, a friend of mine who works with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce asked me if I would like to attend their annual food and wine fundraising event “Sabor” (which means “Taste” in English), and write a quick piece about the event. I excitedly accepted the invitation, attended the incredible event, and then completely failed to write a timely review. What an idiot! But, in my ever procrastinator style fashion, I am finally getting to it.

Sabor, which is held at the Denver Botanical Gardens, was truly a wonderful event to attend.

It brings together a . . . → Read More: Sabor

Lime XS

If you are looking for a restaurant that serves your food with a side of hair, a jacked up price on your drinks and a management staff that blatantly says “if you don’t like it, go somewhere else”, then this is the place for you. Because that is exactly the experience I recently had at Lime XS off of 6th Ave in Denver.

My husband and I have been dining at this neighborhood Mexican restaurant since we moved to Denver two years ago. Until recently, it had always had an experienced and professional, yet quirky staff (think biker gang/tattoo shop). . . . → Read More: Lime XS

La Brisa

I had great hopes for this small neighborhood Mexican joint. After all, its doors remain open despite its close proximity to the long time Denver favorite The Blue Bonnet and the new Mexican hotshot, El Diablo. Upon my arrival to the restaurant I noted that despite being 7:30 pm, about half the tables in the restaurant were empty. This is never a good sign in my book. A good restaurant should be nearly full if not have a short wait at this typical dining hour. Never the less, we ventured in and took an empty booth with the hopes that . . . → Read More: La Brisa

El Diablo



Having heard the same buzz as many Denver folks about the ‘new tequila bar’ on Broadway, my husband and I decided to give this local eatery a go. We went on a Friday night, without reservations, just passed high dinner hour. The host informed us that there would be a 30 minute wait, which seemed reasonable as the place was packed, and they would come find us at the bar when a table opened up. Â

The interior


 A couple of corner seats later, we were ordering a . . . → Read More: El Diablo