This year, a friend of mine who works with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce asked me if I would like to attend their annual food and wine fundraising event “Sabor” (which means “Taste” in English), and write a quick piece about the event. I excitedly accepted the invitation, attended the incredible event, and then completely failed to write a timely review. What an idiot! But, in my ever procrastinator style fashion, I am finally getting to it.

Sabor, which is held at the Denver Botanical Gardens, was truly a wonderful event to attend.

It brings together a . . . → Read More: Sabor


When I made the reservation for my husband, D, and I to eat dinner at Linger, I was completely unfamiliar with the type of culinary experience this restaurant offered. I knew that the place had recently opened and was owned by Chef Justin Cucci, the same guy that runs the popular Highlands’ establishment, Root Down. I also knew that the name for the place had been inspired by the buildings slightly disturbing past as a mortuary. But really, what else does one need to know in order to have confidence that the experience will be at the very least an . . . → Read More: Linger