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The upstairs seating area

Nestled on the edge of Larimer Square, this recent edition to the Denver foodscape offers an eclectic set of tapas styled pub foods that are far from your average pub fare.  With options like Bone Marrow, Blood Sausage and fried pigs ears, even a more adventurous eater might have to take a second look at some of the menu options.  Have no fear though; every item on the menu is exceedingly delicious.

In keeping with tapas tradition, our table ordered a handful of plates that everyone at the table could share.  First delivered were the basket of Crispy Buffalo-Styled Pigs Ears and the Bruleed Bone Marrow.  The pigs ears were sliced into strips, spiced with a buffalo style seasoning and served with a side of dipping ranch.  With a calamari-like texture, crispy ‘crust’ and slightly spicy seasoning, they were by far most surprising menu item.  These tender strips of heaven were that of which I had the most aversion to when reading the menu, but they quickly became one of my favorites once they passed my lips.  A definite must for those who are out for a little gastronomic adventure.

Fried Pigs Ears

The Bruleed Bone Marrow, always a favorite with me, was all of the melt in my mouth spreadability that I had hoped for.  Cooked in a demi glace with a sherry reduction and served with a side of grilled sourdough bread.  I was happy to introduce our dining partners to this uncommon menu option.  Plus, the dog loves me for bringing home the leftover bones!

Bone Marrow

“The Works” sausage platter, Roasted Duck Poutine, Seared Scallops and a side order of Caraway Spätzle, were our final four main menu selections which all came in rapid fire secession, being served nearly simultaneously.  “The Works” consisted of one each of their four homemade sausages, an assortment of pickles and mustards to sample, as well as a side of ‘bretzel’ bread.  Of the various sausages provided, the Kobe Beef Kielbasa was by far my favorite, but that could be due to my love for polish sausages.  My least favorite option was not surprisingly the Boudin Noir, or blood sausage.  The crumbly and slightly dry nature of the sausage gave this texture tested girl a run for her money.  I just felt a little wrong when eating it.  Next time, I’ll avoid the works platter and just order the others on a one by one basis.

The Works

Having no prior knowledge of what a Poutine consisted of, I was a bit surprised when a dish that looked a lot like smothered cheese fries landed on our table.  We had opted for the Roasted Duck Poutine, which was served with a duck gravy and cheddar cheese curds, and mildly spiced with black pepper.  The dish seemed a bit underwhelming by site, but was quite satisfying in flavor.  Is it a must menu item?  I’m not sure, but it was definitely good and a variation will be ordered again in the future.

Roasted Duck Poutine (aka smothered fries)

Much to my dismay, our least worthy of all the items that reached our table turned out to be the Seared Sea Scallops.  Although the Colorado apricot and caper vinaigrette added interest to the dish, the thinly sliced scallops were of very small proportion compared to the surprisingly high price tag.  Even though scallops are one of my favorite sea foods, I will furthermore reserve my inclination for this mollusc for a more worthy establishment.

Small... I mean Seared scallops

Luckily, we rounded out our meal with a side of Caraway Spätzle, and it was all of the German goodness I had hoped for!  Never having had this particular delight sautéed until crisp and served with a side of Thousand Island dressing, it was a nice, new addition in my ode to German food.  Even though we had a vast selection of menu items to call our favorite, this one seems to still come up near, if not at, the top of the list.

Caraway Spätzle

In summary, I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone looking for a different dining experience with a group of friends.  The ability to mix and match relatively inexpensive menu items allows for everyone to get a number of things that will tantalize their palate and beg them to come back and try some more.

Basic Info

Cuisine: Pub food

Restaurant Features: Outdoor seating, Reservations (parties 7+), Valet, Not truly handicap accessible but they have accommodated wheelchairs before.

Address/Phone: 1317 14th Street Denver, Colorado 80202 / 303.595.4255

Hours: Sunday                  11:00am – Midnight
                  Mon- Th                11:30am – Midnight
                  Friday                   11:30am – 1:00am
                  Saturday              3:00pm – 1:00am


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