Sushi Train

Living in close proximity to a handful of well respected sushi restaurants, one might wonder why a picky patron such as myself would venture down south to try an establishment that named itself after a questionable, automated fish delivery system.  Much to my child side’s dismay, the train that meanders around the sushi bar no longer carries behind it a pay load of fish varieties.   

note the jars in theh background filled with tiny hand folded paper cranes!

But it is really all the better, as this method of raw fish delivery also carries with it an inherent risk of the early signs of spoilage, germs and general waste of perfectly good fish. 

Having come across this place via an enticingly high “Like It” rating on Urbanspoon, my party and I prepared ourselves for the All You Can Eat lunch option that provides a variety of sushi roll, appetizers and salads options, all for a mere $14.95.  If there is a specialty roll that you are craving that isn’t included, there is a $2-$3 additional charge, but when each of those rolls can cost $12-$15 a piece, the extra $2 doesn’t seem too outrageous.  Do note, however, that they have a fee for each uneaten piece of sushi that will be applied to your bill upon leaving.  This, they say, helps them reduce their waste and keeps the difference in eye to stomach size a little better in check.  Rule of thumb: You can always order more, you can never order less. 

The All You Can Eat lunch menu

We started by ordering 3 rolls, a couple of different sushi’s, a cucumber salad and a potsicker.  The salad and ‘stickers arrived first.  Each was well presented and offered the flavors one would expect from each item.  The ‘sticker dough was very thin, but sturdy and did not fall apart with multiple dips into the accompanied soy based sauce.  Although I was a little disappointed to find out that the dumplings were not homemade (Are they ever anymore?!?!), they at least choose a quality product to provide. 

Steamed Potstickers

The cucumber salad was very simple and refreshing.  The lemon based ‘dressing’ was definitely a healthy choice and prepped us well for the delicious sushi that was to follow. 


When the first round of sushi and maki arrived, they were perfectly formed (not a dud piece in the bunch) and looked delicious.  The fish was extremely fresh and generously cut.  Although we did not opt for any of their additionally priced Specialty Rolls, we found that there was enough variety in the basic menu to keep us enticed. 


Basically, this place may be away from the usual picky patron restaurant hubs, but the food is definitely worth the drive.  I’ve been here before and you can bet your behind I’ll be here again.  :) 

Basic Info 

Cuisine: Sushi, Japanese 

Restaurant Features: Handicap accessible, On-site Parking 

Address/Phone: 3460 S Locust St Denver, CO 80222 / (303) 756-0708 

Mon-Sat   11:30am – 2:30pm,  4:30pm – 10:00pm
Sunday     4:30pm – 10:00pm 

Website: N/A 

Sushi Train on Urbanspoon

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