La Brisa

I had great hopes for this small neighborhood Mexican joint.  After all, its doors remain open despite its close proximity to the long time Denver favorite The Blue Bonnet and the new Mexican hotshot, El Diablo.  Upon my arrival to the restaurant I noted that despite being 7:30 pm, about half the tables in the restaurant were empty.  This is never a good sign in my book.  A good restaurant should be nearly full if not have a short wait at this typical dining hour.  Never the less, we ventured in and took an empty booth with the hopes that we would be pleasantly surprised.

Full bowls of store bought chips and salsa were promptly delivered to our table.  The quality was fair, but the speedy service was nice.  We immediately ordered a round of House Margaritas and began perusing the smallish menu in search of our evening eats.  I, in usual fashion, ordered a combination platter that contained one deep fried Chili Relleno, one shredded beef Tostada and one chicken Enchilada.  My dining partner opted for the beef Fajitas, per the waiter’s recommendation.  Both plates were delivered disturbingly fast.  How could they possibly be making these items and still put them on our table in under 5 minutes?!?!?

Of the three items on my plate, the only one I’d say is worth ordering again would be the chicken enchilada.  The tostada, although topped with a number of dressing items, was nearly devoid of flavor.  I was completely stumped by this as it had refried beans, shredded beef, a Mexican slaw and some sort of sour cream based dressing.  It boggled my mind and my taste buds.  The Chili Relleno, although flavorful, was deep fried and soggy.  It did not manage to maintain the crispy outer texture one would expect from a deep fried food (I much prefer the stuffed poblanos at the Blue Bonnet).  The highlight of the meal was the chicken enchilada which was filled with a flavorful, marinated chicken and was topped with green chili sauce and a squirt of sour cream.  I’m not sure I can exactly describe the flavors, but let’s just say they were good and worth ordering again.

My dining partner received his sizzling plate of fajitas with a container of 3 miniature sized corn tortillas and a variety of typical toppings including guacamole, salsa and shredded cheese.  Although he did enjoy his meal, he stated that there was nothing outwardly special about the dish that would put it ahead of any other restaurant.  So, generally speaking, the fajitas are a safe bet.

On a high note, the house margaritas were wickedly strong and only one a piece was really needed to accompany the meal.  Anymore and we may have needed to walk home!

All in all, I was underwhelmed by La Brisa.  There wasn’t anything about the place that beacons me back.  They did have a couple of worthwhile menu items, but the overall experience was lacking and the price tag a little too high to demand my return.

Basic Info

Cuisine: Mexican

Restaurant Features: Outdoor Seating

Address/Phone:  375 South Pearl Street Denver, CO 80209 /(303) 282-4790


    Mon-Thu 11am-9pm
    Fri-Sat 11am-10pm
    Sun 11am-8pm

Website: N/A


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