I have to admit that I was a bit reluctant to try the new Larkburger that just opened on Alameda in Wash Park.  I have a favorite burger joint that I like to patron and I really wasn’t looking to pay for anything less than what I was used to.  But such is the nature of the beast for a restaurant blogger.  If all I did was eat at the same places and write about them over and over again, no one would have even an ounce of interest in reading what I have to say.


So, it was with a great deal of skepticism that I ventured to this new to the neighborhood burger shop.  Being located in a mini strip mall has its pluses.  In this case, it was the ample off street parking.  A nice thing to have when you live in the city.  We were welcomed by outdoor seating and the unmistakable aroma of truffles.  My skepticism remained, but my interest was getting peaked.  When we entered into the almost sterile building the first thing you notice, besides how clean and modern it looks, is that everything is covered in wood.  Not the darkly stained wood of your fathers study, but a light colored reclaimed Monterey Cypress.  *This was the first hint we had as to the eco friendly nature of the company.* 

The interior with the reclaimed wood decor

After perusing the small menu my husband and I decided to take the road less travelled and opted for the Turkey burger and the Amy burger.  The former is fairly self explanatory, a 1/3 pound of all natural ground turkey.  The latter was their version of a veggie burger.  In place of the beef patty they had a grilled Portobello mushroom and grilled onions.  Each burger was topped with the usual accoutrements of sliced tomato and leaf lettuce.  They do include their own secret sauce (my words, not theirs) which I guessed to be a mixture of mayo and Grey Poupon.  But hey, I’m not putting money on my guess either, so don’t shoot the potentially incorrect messenger. 

To accompany our burgers of choice we opted to split a large Field Green Salad and an order of the Truffle & Parmesan Fries, per my watering mouth.  For the salad, we choose the tamari ginger dressing which had quite the kick due to the ginger.  It was a very refreshing and hopefully healthy (fingers crossed) addition to the meal. 

Our bounty

All in all the meal turned out great.  I definitely preferred the Amy burger over the Turkey burger as it just had a more complex and delicious flavor profile, but I really didn’t have anything to complain about with my respective burger choice.  The fries were wonderful and did not require the container of ketchup I had grabbed as they were well moistened with truffle oil.  The salad was a basic field green salad and provided me with the greenery I was looking to add.  The dressing had a kick, as I already mentioned, and will be ordered again. 

The aftermath – Can you tell we hated it? 😉

 I think it is important to mention, although it may not impact your overall experience here, that the Larkburger company is one with high standards for keeping everything they do as natural as possible.  For instance, the wood on their walls is reclaimed.  They don’t throw anything into the trash.  It is either recycled or composted, which I found to be particularly cool.  There are a bunch more ways they keep it natural which can be found on a page on their website.  You should check it out to know more.


The ‘trash’ can – Yes, I took a picture of the trash can. Don’t make fun.

If I were forced to compare this place to any other burger joint I may have previously been a patron of, I probably wouldn’t.  The eco friendly nature of the company is reminiscent for me of In-and –Out, but the food is not.  They are their own place and I appreciate them for it!  Will I go back, YES!  Will it replace my current burger bar, probably not.  The two of them will just have to work in tandem depending on my mood.  J 

Basic Info 

Cuisine: American, Burgers 

Restaurant Features: Handicap Accessible, Off-Street Parking, Outdoor Seating 

Address/Phone:  340 E. Alameda Ave. Denver, CO 80209 / (303) 963-5357 (Other locations also exist) 


    Everyday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm 


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