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If you are looking for a restaurant that serves your food with a side of hair, a jacked up price on your drinks and a management staff that blatantly says “if you don’t like it, go somewhere else”, then this is the place for you. Because that is exactly the experience I recently had at Lime XS off of 6th Ave in Denver.

My husband and I have been dining at this neighborhood Mexican restaurant since we moved to Denver two years ago. Until recently, it had always had an experienced and professional, yet quirky staff (think biker gang/tattoo shop). Unfortunately a couple of months ago everything changed. There was a mass employee exodus as a result of the owners firing the management (per information we received from our waitress). Apparently, when the staff found out, they all put down their drink shakers and serving trays and walked out, mid service. So, although the recipes are the same, the quality of the experience has seriously declined.

I understand that it must have been insanely difficult to re-staff and entire restaurant including management in a single day, but I think a more experienced management staff is desperately needed! The current manager (there may be more than one, but can only speak for the experience we had with the young guy) focused more on the business and less on the customer. Enter our recent trip for dollar taco Tuesday. We sat outside, ordered a handful of tacos, an bowl of queso and a couple of Margaritas. The food was good, but one of our drinks came with a hair wrapped around the lime. We waited for 5 minutes or so for our server to return, but ended up going to the bar ourselves since the place was so busy. The bartender acknowledged the sanitary issue with the drink and said they would send out another for us, cool. When the drink did arrive, it was accompanied by an unwanted shot of bottom shelf tequila, not so cool. Since neither of us is a shot taker we hesitantly thanked her for the drink and poured the crappy alcohol into our respective margaritas.

Upon receiving the bill, not only was the defiled beverage still on the bill, but it was at a price that was more than the amount they advertised. When we questioned the waitress about the price and presence of the drink, she informed us that the price advertised was for happy hour only (not mentioned on their menu) and that the drinks presence was a mistake that she would remedy. A short time later she came back and apologized but said that the manager would not let her take the drink off the bill because he had provided us with a shot of tequila. We thanked her, paid the bill and tipped the above average amount that we normally do, but proceeded to look for the manager to question his compensation logic.

Once found, he was immediately rude and defensive. He said because he had given us a shot, he didn’t see that there were any issues and if we didn’t like, we “can go somewhere else.” And yes, those are quotation marks because those were his exact words. So, we have since taken his advice and sought out dollar tacos at a different establishment not more than 5 minutes away in Cherry Creek. The food at the new joint is very comparable, the drinks are just as strong and the owner is actively involved in keeping customers happy.

In closing, I would recommend that the owners of Lime XS patronize their own restaurant sometime and see if they are happy with the service they receive. I imagine even their own answer would be no. So, unless you like getting hair in your food, over charged for your drinks and rude responses from the management, seek your dollar taco fix elsewhere. There are definitely plenty of options out there and this place is truly nothing special anymore!

Basic Info
Cuisine: Mexican, Tex Mex
Restaurant Features: Outdoor Seating, Off Street Parking, Handicap Accessible
Address/Phone: 730 East 6th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203 / (303) 722-5463
Hours: Noon-unknown (they don’t advertise their hours…)

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