This year, a friend of mine who works with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce asked me if I would like to attend their annual food and wine fundraising event “Sabor” (which means “Taste” in English), and write a quick piece about the event. I excitedly accepted the invitation, attended the incredible event, and then completely failed to write a timely review. What an idiot! But, in my ever procrastinator style fashion, I am finally getting to it.

Sabor, which is held at the Denver Botanical Gardens, was truly a wonderful event to attend.

It brings together a large collection of Denver restaurants and distributors to provide sampling of what the local community has to offer. It was a great place, not only for the food and drink, but also for the beautiful views and lively entertainment. During the day light hours, mariachi style musicians mingled amongst the guests, while a larger than life “puppet” danced along not far behind.

At the end of the evening, those who had purchased VIP access were provided with an after party that offered a variety of drinks while guests danced the night away to music from a fun and lively band.

Being a Hispanic event, the predominant food type was naturally Latin American, more specifically Mexican, but a host of other food varieties were also present. A few of my favorites are listed below:

Diego’s Mexican Food & Cantina

Diegos on Urbanspoon

Diego’s provided a surprising variety of food samples including a ceviche shooter, award winning green chili, and a pulled pork soft shell taco. Each was of a healthy portion size, very flavorful, slightly spicy and completely satisfying. I won’t say that the green chili was my all time favorite (that honor is awarded to a small Oklahoma eatery named Frank and Lola’s), despite that fact, it is definitely toward the top of my list.

Freddy’s Cuisine

The line to get a plate of food from Freddy’s was noticeably longer than many of the others, so it was of course one that I just had to try. They call themselves a Latin American and International fusion catering service, which was absolutely reflected in the food they supplied. A traditional empanada was served alongside what appeared to be some type chicken curry and rice dish. Both were worth the wait and interesting menu additions to be sure.

La Sandia Tequila Cantina

La Sandia on Urbanspoon

At this booth we were able to not only munch on some delicious ceviche slaw, which was served on a crispy mini tortilla, but also a small pulled pork taco which was topped with a couple of strings of pickled red onion. Wash it down with the sampling of watermelon juice and you felt as though you had just covered all of your dietary needs. NOTE: They apparently make one hell of watermelon margarita for those who patron the brick and mortar restaurant.

Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant

Las Fuentes on Urbanspoon

Although one might criticize this place for serving commonly ordered menu items like Chile Relleno, Refried Beans, and cheese enchilada, I actually found this booth to be one of my favorites. Those everyday items are among the selections I would make, so they provided me with a great taste of what to expect when dining there. The food was flavorful and memorable. This has made them a recent addition to my “must eat there again list.”


Sketch on Urbanspoon

I had not heard of this place prior to Sabor, but I found that their Beef Carpaccio was a welcome addition to the evening’s menu. Thinly sliced and sprinkled with a handful of capers and a drizzling of sauce, the dish was refreshing and unique among the offerings provided in the main tent.

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