Park Burger

It is easy to see why this local burger hotspot has received national recognition for their great burgers, decadent shakes and French fries, and the generally genial atmosphere.  The brain child of Platt Park local Jean-Philippe Failyau, who is also part owner of the ever popular Osteria Marco on Larmier Square, Park Burger took everyday burger concepts and stepped them up a level.  The addition of buffalo, turkey and award winning veggie burger substitution options, as well as a variety of “specialty” burgers, allows for every discernible burger pallet to be satisfied.  Add in their small, yet inclusive list of local beer, wine and liquor, and you have yourself a date!

To start your meal off on a healthy note, try one of their side salads.  A simple green salad with a couple of tomatoes and cucumbers, dressed with a light vinaigrette house dressing and you are all set.  Don’t expect a tiny plate though, as even though the price might be small, the salad is not.

Side Salad

The “El Chilango” burger, which is a 1/3 lb patty topped with a slice of cheddar, a handful of jalapeños and a slathering of guacamole, has been a long time favorite of many a patron, not the least of which is my husband.  I’m hard pressed to get him to branch out to other burgers because for him, spicy foods and guacamole tend to be toward the top of his wish list.  I guess there are worse things in life to love than a delicious medium-rare, buffalo “El Chilango”.


I on the other hand, have a tendency to swap between a few of the burger options, although over the course of my many visits I have sampled every burger they have to offer.  When I decide to opt for a traditional burger, I always choose the “BBQ Burger”.  Decorated with a slice of cheddar cheese, a helping of fried onion strings and a coating of, what else, BBQ sauce, this burger is practically an artistic masterpiece that is definitely hard to resist.  As does my husband, I always substitute the buffalo meat for the beef as it is significantly healthier and it is nearly impossible to taste the difference.  So, why not try to shave off a few grams of fat or an extra couple hundred calories?  Although, I tend to waste those calorie intake savings on the fries, sigh!

"BBQ Burger"

If I decide to go the less traditional route, then I usually opt for the “Turkey-Bacon-Guac” burger.  The turkey patty is not your average bland turkey patty, but rather is spiced up, moist and delicious.  The addition of thin layers of guacamole and ranch dressing make this a favorite of mine and many.  In fact, both options induce salivation even when just writing about them!

"Turkey-Bacon-Guac" Burger

“The Works” fries, although definitely not on the healthy side of the menu, are a great way to spoil your diet.  Smothered in cheese and ranch sauce, then sprinkled with bacon and green onions, it’s one of those menu items you just can’t resist despite needing to hit the gym because you ate it.  If you are a fan of the sweet potato French fries, try substituting them for the regular fries in “The Works”.  You won’t be disappointed.

"The Works" Fries

Basic Info

Cuisine: American, Burgers

Features: Family Owned, Outdoor seating

Address/Phone: 1890 South Pearl Street Denver, CO 80210 / 720.242.9951


Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm
Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm


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