Num Pang – Cambodian inspired sandwiches

Num Pang is an itsy-bitsy sandwich shop in Greenwich Village near Union Square that offers a variety of Cambodian inspired sandwiches.

On this particular day, I opted for the Pulled Duroc Pork which was recently featured as one of the best sandwiches in NYC in the Time Out magazine.  As is the case with every sandwich here, the pork sandwich was dressed with sliced cucumber, pickled carrots, cilantro and chili-mayo.  I thought that the chili-mayo conflicted in flavor with the honey-glaze on the pulled pork, which turned me off a bit.  My dining partner heartily disagrees though, so take that thought with a grain of salt.  I think that perhaps next time I will opt for a savory only sandwich as the sweet and savory didn’t do it for me.

Pulled Duroc Pork Sandwich

Also, the pork was VERY juicy.  This is generally a good thing, but can also mean that your dining experience may be messy.  In my case, I had juice and honey running down every finger and finding its way into every crevice.  Even the wet wipes I had received didn’t have nearly enough cleaning capability to completely de-grease my hands.  A good hand washing was required, so keep that in mind if you are grabbing this sandwich on the go.

Basic Info – For the Union Square Location

Features: Catering, Delivery

Cuisine: Asian, Sandwich/Subs

Address/Phone: 21 E. 12th Street (between 5th and University) / 212.255.3271


Mon. – Sat. 11am-10pm
Sun. 12pm-9pm


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