Cafeteria – A new twist on old Comfort Food recipes

A 24/7 Chelsea joint that offers the Big City a chance to taste a new twist on old “comfort food” recipes.  Having only been to New York City a couple of times on very brief trips, my recent expedition to the Big City was a chance for me to really explore a variety of dining venues.  Of the various breakfast places I had the chance to patron; this place was by far my favorite.

I met up with my friend for a late breakfast on Monday and had the luck to be seated immediately.  We didn’t have to wait, as it was a weekday, but I have been told that breakfast/brunch waits on the weekend can be extensive.  After perusing the menu and taking a couple sips of coffee, we opted to share two of the savory breakfast items.

The Spinach Benedict Sliders which are a southern twist on the traditional Benny.  They offered the usual poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce, but served them atop soft and crumbly Cheddar Grit Cakes.  A lightly dressed salad also adorned the plate, but was really more to visually fill the plate than to fill your stomach.  I am a huge fan of all type of Benny’s and this one was no different.  The portion size definitely left something to be desired though, as each stack was on the “conservative” side.

Our second breakfast plate contained the Country Flatbread, which like the Sliders, was adorned with a small salad.  This particular entrée was very reminiscent of the traditional Croque Madame, but with the required twists to make it unique to the restaurant.  A sslice of what seemed to be French bread was topped with a thin shaving of deliciously salty prosciutto, a small pile of grilled asparagus and a sprinkling of shaved Pecorino.  The flavors were delicious, but again it was conservative in size.

Overall, I was pleased with the quality of food, but would need to order more to feel truly satisfied.  Perhaps next time, I’ll go for lunch or dinner and sample their popular Mac N’ Cheese varieties.

Basic Info

Features: Brunch, Handicap Accessible (not the restroom), Outdoor Seating, Reservations

Cuisine: American, Comfort Food

Address/Phone: 119 7th Avenue New York, NY 10010 / 212.414.1717

Hours: 24/7


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