Il Posto – Andrea Frizzi is an Ass, DON’T GO HERE!!!


Shame is the best way to describe how I feel about my experience at Il Posto.  Shame for having the ability to write this review after owner and chef Andrea Frizzi treated my party with such disrespect that I should have walked out and not contributed a cent toward his restaurant.  He verbally accosted several members of our party and made such a scene that other diners stopped eating to watch and listen.  How disgraceful it is for someone as “professional” as he to treat his customers in such a way.

Even if we hadn’t been verbally assaulted, I’m not sure I would have written a very positive review anyway.  The food flavor was good, but the portion to cost ratio is very poor.  For $20 you get a bowl of pasta not much larger than your closed fist.

Our waiter, Frank, was spectacular.  He was by far the highlight of the entire experience.  He spent his entire evening with us attempting to make amends for the start of our meal.  We were provided with a free dessert and drinks, but even so, nothing will do to make up for our run in with Frizzi.  I will NEVER patron Il Posto again.  Shame on you for your terrible behavior.  And shame on me for allowing it!

If you want to see some crappy pictures of our crappy experience, please see below.

A stuffed calamari appetizer


The Basil leaf was not huge, so this should give you an idea of the tiny portion size!


I remember this scallop dish being very underwhelming. Sounded great, but didn't deliver on flavor.




Basic Info

Cuisine: Italian

Features: Pompous Owner

Address/Phone: 2011 E 17th Ave Denver, CO 80206 / (303) 394-0100

Hours: Day or night, you’ll be wasting your money!

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