Beatrice and Woodsley – Decor to die for

The dining space


The bar area with chain saw shelving supports!

I wanted to love this place, I really did.  I wish I could tell you that the food was so spectacular that even a year later, I could expound on the details of each course.  I wish I could rave about the way the flavors melded in just the right way to turn just an entrée into an experience, but I can’t do that.  Outside of the incredible interesting décor, I have nothing much to excitedly describe outside of the hilariously difficult time I had using the sinks in the bathroom.

I won’t say that the food was bad, because it wasn’t.  Almost everything was reasonably tasty, but just lacked the panache required to turn a dinner into a dining experience.  We dined here several months ago and I am having a hard time being able to recall what we ate, even with the visual aids of the below photos.



All in all, I think my favorite part of the entire experience at Beatrice and Woodsley is oddly… the bathroom.  Well, to be fair it’s truly the interior design as a whole, but the bathroom ‘situation’ really is a show stealer.  The food was good and the drinks creative, but the comedy that always arises out of trying to figure out how to wash your hands is the most memorable.  But, don’t let me stop you from giving them a chance.  Perhaps we just ordered the wrong dishes, or went on an off night…

Basic Info

Cuisine: American, French

Features: Reservations

Address/Phone: 38 S Broadway Denver, CO 80209 / (303) 777-3505


Monday – Friday:              5 PM – Reservations complete

Saturday – Sunday:         10 AM – 2 PM (brunch)

5 PM – Reservations complete

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