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The Little India restaurant chain, local to the Denver area, provides an excellent variety of Northern Indian delights sure to please any foodie interested in the spice-laced flavors of the Far East.  Rumors have circled that one location may surpass the others in food quality, but from my experience, any of the three restaurants offers delicious food of which I have yet to notice a difference in quality or flavor. 

Passing through the front door of the Downing Avenue location of Little India is like being transported into a different world. The fabrics, textures, colors and smells, oh those smells, are those of a culture long in history and culinary expertise.  Having mastered the intricate science of applying spice centuries (millennia) before western society, it is easy to see why spice ‘trail’ was so coveted, however arduous of a journey it may have been. For a lover of anything savory and delicious, I could not ask for much more than the delicacies provided by this far eastern culture.  And this restaurant does not leave me in wanting.

To begin my meal, I often start off with one of the “traditional” Indian beers.  Although it is not entirely possible to call them traditional, they are exports from the area and I would therefore consider them to be authentic beverages from the region.

For an appetizer, one can always select the either the vegetarian or beef samosas, each of which are of an unusually large, yet welcome, size.  Or my personal favorite the pakora masala; a vegetarian ‘cake’ consisting of onion, spinach and potato.  As the name indicates, these deep fried cakes are served with a side of the creamy and delicious Masala sauce, which I recommend you slather on in excess!

Although many of the menu items are a staple for Indian restaurants here in the west, the ease with which they pull off the flavors is sure to bring you back to sample other menu items.  The chicken tikka masala, a very introductory option for newbies, is always enticing with its creamy goodness.  A must order item for me every time (yes there is reduncancy with the masala sauce in my menu selections.  But what can I say, I can’t get enough!).

To constrast the yogurt and tomato based masala, try the lamb Saag with its sauce made predominantly of spinach and onion, or the Bhuna which reminds me a bit of fajitas only without the tortilla (could sub naan if you wanted Indian fajitas though!).  If you like to spice things up, try the Vindaloo.  Although one of the more ‘tame’ spicy items, it packs enough heat to suit most diners.  For those that really like to push the heat envelope, go for either the Jalfrazie or Madras.  The latter of the two being able to burn out not only your tongue, but also your stomach, so skip this option if you suffer from heartburn!

As for the Vegetarian items, I regrettably cannot currently provide any input.  I have stuck to my carnivorous side thus far and have yet to venture into this section of the menu.  BUT, I promise to provide pictures and descriptions once I do.

To summarize my thoughts and opinions…

If you want delicious Indian food in Denver, Colorado, you can’t go wrong with any of the Little India restaurants.  Their convenient locations, affordable prices and outstanding quality food make it an instant winner in my book.

Basic Info:

Cuisine: Indian

Restaurant Features: On- Site Parking, Handicap Accessible, Delivery, Reservations, Catering, Lunch Buffet

Location: Denver – South

Address/Phone: 2390 S Downing St Denver CO 80210 / (303)298-1939

    LUNCH: 11am – 2:30pm (Lunch buffet available)
    DINNER: 5pm – 10pm


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