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Table 6 is a cozy American bistro featuring ‘daily’ menus that abide by their rule of using fresh and in season ingredients.  Its contemporary-country décor offers only a little insight into the origins of the often complex menu.  As a self described foodie, I was surprised and embarrassed that I was unfamiliar with a number of the items on the menu.  The descriptions were so specific that it might take a professional chef or baker to know what 72% Valrhona is.  (P.S. For those who were as clueless and I was, it’s a specific type of chocolate.)  I found it a bit unfortunate that I was so reliant on the waiter’s interpretation of the menu.  They definitely do not cater their menu descriptions to the layman. 

Sample of a Table 6 Menu

For appetizers, we selected the Fried Peppers and the Cubano Panini’s per the recommendation of the waiter.  The former option, also found at other similarly styled establishments in the area, failed to excite my palate.  The large peppers surprisingly lacked the meatiness that one would expect and the size of the pepper also failed to allow the dish to crisp appropriately. 

Fried Peppers

The Waffled Cubano on the other hand was so sinfully delightful that we gave in and ordered a second round.  The fatty pork belly meat combined with the Tasso ham, which is a spicy smoked pork typically found in Cajun dishes such as jambalaya, offered a variety of much loved pork products.  As is typical of a Cuban sandwich, these delectable meats were dressed with Swiss cheese, pickle dimes and a strong mustard on the side for dipping.  If it comes up on the menu during your next visit, please heed my advice and order one for each member at the table! 

Our first entrée selection was the Duck Confit served with Butternut Dumplings and a Blistered Corn and Basil salad.  The gamey duck leg was extremely tender, with fall off the bone tendencies.  The Butternut Dumplings were served without a sauce companion, but did not have an overly dry texture as I had feared.  And the corn and basil salad offered the refreshing element that rounded out this come again menu option. 

Duck Confit

Our second choice was the Barradmundi, which came in a shallow bowl moderately filled with corn broth and topped with a selection of seemingly unfitting dish companions of fried chilies, Andouille sausage links and a handful of clams.  At first taste the dish resembled more of a playground filled with unfriendly children rather than the culinary kumbaya one would expect from such an establishment.  Once thoroughly soaked in the broth however, this meal made an amazing turn around.  From a forgettable and chaotic dish emerged something with clear sophistication.  Will I order it again though? Likely not.  I know there will be a number of other entrée options that will surely pull my attention in another direction. 


And for the finale, we ordered the Morning Fresh Farms Vanilla Panna Cotta with Figs and Shortbread paired with an inexpensive glass of port.  I am typically not a sweets lover, so this option was truly ideal.  The custard like dessert, which creamy and only slightly sweet, was complemented well by the highly flavorful fig puree.  And of course the shortbread offered the much needed texture to round off the dish.  Truly delectable! 

All in all, I would say that this is a place to come to eat time and time again.  The ever changing menu, with the handful of recurring items, will surely keep your palate enticed and satisfied.

**Please forgive the terrible pictures as I had forgotten my camera and only had my phone to provide visual evidence of the meal!** 


Cuisine: American 

Restaurant Features: Brunch, Handicap Accessible, Outdoor seating, Reservations

Location/Phone: 609 Corona Street Denver, CO 80218 / (303) 831-8800 

Hours:  Sun        10:30am – 9:00pm
                  M-Th     5:00pm – 10:00pm
                  F-Sa       5:00pm – 11:00pm


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  • Christine A

    Take a look at his most recent health department inspection for Table 6.

    Quite frankly, I think restaurant reviewers need to read up on this stuff before they review a restaurant. It’s irresponsible not to take the cleanliness of a restaurant when reviewing it. There is no such thing as a fine dining restaurant with a filthy kitchen.
    > Inspector Comments:
    > 03e – Potentially hazardous foods are being held improperly at temperatures greater than 41** F during cold storage. Cooked meats with broth and butter measured between 45-46F in the refrigerator at the rear of the facility, and employee states meat/broth food products have been stored in the refrigerator over night. Turn down or repair refrigerator to hold potentially hazardous food products cold at 41F or less. 03f – Food product thermometer not routinely calibrated to be accurate to +/- 2**F. Digital food thermometer measured 37F in ice water. Food product thermometers shall be routinely calibrated to be accurate to +/-2F. 08a – Toxic products are improperly stored in the facility. Glass cleaner was observed being stored next to sugar packets on the metal storage rack, and butane fuel was observed being above and next to spices and oils. Toxic products shall be stored below and away from food and food contact surfaces. Issue corrected on site. 09b – Food is stored uncovere
    > d and/or unprotected from contamination. Raw pork bellies were observed being stored above lettuce in the reach in, and other raw meat was observed being stored above berries in the 2 door refrigerator. Raw meat shall be stored below and away from ready to eat food. Issue corrected on site. 11a – Refrigeration thermometer is not provided in refrigerator in the rear of the facility. 12a – Food-contact surfaces are not clean. Clean lids were observed being stored in a soiled container and food debris was observed on spices and canned goods. Clean food contact surfaces. 13b – Single-service cups are improperly stored on the floor in the basement/dry storage area. Single service articles shall be stored at least 6 inches off the floor. Issue corrected on site. 14d – Lights are not adequately shielded in the basement/dry storage area over sugar packets and other single service articles. 14f – Storage of personal belongings in unapproved areas. Tools and other personal items were
    > observed being stored on top of the ice machine. Personal items shall be stored below and away from food and food contact surfaces. Issue corrected on site.

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